(photo by Walter Bredel) Sal cutting a rug during the closing number at the Delaware Water Gap Jazz Festival. (L to R) Janet Lawson, vocals; Spencer Reed, guitar; Sal Soghoian, guitar; George Young, sax; unknown, bass; Phil Woods, sax; Vic Juris, guitar) Days prior to this moment, I was sitting backstage with my guitar, in close to absolute panic, waiting for my festival debut (a set of solo guitar, that happened to be scheduled immediately after Phil Woods playing with a big band), when Phil sat down beside me and started playing Stompin’ at the Savoy. We jammed it out and I found myself forgeting the fear and just digging the amazing sounds he was laying down. It was like jamming with Johnny Hodges and Bird, and of course the Man himself. Wicked. And with that moment of grace, Phil guided me to where I needed to go. Anyway, last day of the festival, he comes up and matter-of-factly asks me to close the festival with him and some friends. I floated and grinned throughout the number, and was never the same again.