Catwalk • (1996 • 6:57) The only known video of Blue Indigo playing Catwalk. If I remember correctly, this was filmed at a Jazz event in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1995-96, called “Toast & Jam.” We hadn’t yet recorded the Catwalk album, and were rehearsing the songs daily in preparation for the upcoming recording sessions, when we got this opportunity to play in this event. Seeing as how George was from Lynchburg area, we were appropriately billed as “The George Melvin Quartet.” Although there are some miscues and glitches in the execution here and there, this video is a good example of the group in action. The song, one of my compositions for the album, is a “mental soundtrack” for a detective mystery/fantasy. • George Melvin, Hammond B3, Phil Riddle, drums, Jeff Decker, sax; Sal Soghoian, guitar.